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About PULOMIX s.r.o.           ISO 9001:2008

The company was established in 1994 as a private entity (with 100% of Czech ownership) specializing in processing of fiber glass products and mold and model manufacturing. We do all processing and manufacturing in our own duly certified facilities, which comply with all hygiene standards.

We are ready to manufacture not only tailor made fiber glass products but also carbon composites – from easy to make products up to complex fiber glass structures with sandwich design.

We are a certified manufacturer of fiber glass technical buildings, motor vehicles accessories, fiber glass covers and other fiber glass products. We co-operate with leading companies in this industry and manufacture our products using manual (hand) lamination technology.

We also process CARBON – carbon fibers. CARBON is a unique and unparalleled system thanks to its 3D design and special structure. It is very rigid and of a very low weight. We use CARBON to manufacture vehicle accessories (spare parts for vehicles), design furniture as well as complex products, such as components for wind power plants and turbines.

We use the latest technologies and materials. We purchase raw materials only from renowned suppliers, who are capable of providing acceptable warranties. Thanks to the quality of our products we have been a long term supplier of companies like FORD, RAVO, SICAR, PLASTICO, FEDERAL SIGNAL, ...

Since 2005 our quality management system has been certified in accordance with CSN EN ISO 9001 standard within the following industry: Manufacturing of molds for vacuum injection and manufacturing of fiber glass products.


Tailor made products

Carbon fiber processing

Design products made of aesthetic carbon fiber